About Rankings

The United World Mixed Martial Arts Federation is Introducing you to the new World Ranking System for both Amateur and Professional Fighters. The Ranking System is based on the performance of Fighters by which they earn points from different Championships which are Organized by UWMMAF or its affiliated and associated Members in Different Countries.

The Ranking System applies on Weight Categories of the Fighters and if the fighters change their weight category their points will start from zero (0) in the new category and it will remain same in previous category all the fighters are allowed to change their weight categories but the points will remain in all of their categories the points are not transferable from one category to another we advise fighters to stay in one weight category for good results and promotional Rankings.

Point Chart for AMA and PRO Fighters

1 Match Won by KO 6 Points
1 Match Won by TKO 5 Points
1 Match Won by SUB 3 Points
1 Match Won by DEC 2 Points
1 Match Lost 1 Points
Draw 0 Points
No Contest 0 Points