The United World Mixed Martial Arts Federation which was established in 1960 in the United States of America by the name of WOMA (World Organization of Mixed Martial Arts) under the supervision of Late Grand Master Jack Stern for promotion of Martial Arts at International Level, The UWMMAF Leadership Team have good and experienced Masters of Martial Arts from different Countries, our aim is to promote and educate the peoples who are involved in MMA, The UWMMAF is free of politics and only work for the promotion of Martial Arts, we are accepting all Small and Big MMA Promotions and Federations from around the world under our umbrella, we are not in any computation with other Sports Federations and respect all the Sports Federations and Organizations!

The United World Mixed Martial Arts Federation established a new Ranking System for MMA Players, and also Grading System for All Coaches, we Organize International Events to promote the Fighters and International Seminars for Judges and Referees in different Countries for updates on MMA, our door is open for all of you to join us and become a part of this World MMA Family.